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 Post subject: Busy Labor Day Weekend
PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2004 8:44 am 
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Well, it was a busy EQ weekend for me. After all the negativity of the past week dealing with the evil that is SOE lately, it was a refreshing weekend.

I got both baking AND jewel crafting up to 250 this weekend. Both were in the 230's, so it wan't too painfull. Also, Wrangell gave me a ton of LDoN smithing components and I was able to raise smithing another 7 points up to 198. Only 2 more points to go there before I have to decide to spend AA on it. So, my tradeskills as of the end of the weekend are:

Baking, Jewelcrafting, Brewing - 250
Fletching, Pottery - 200 (Begging & Fishing 200 also)
Smithing - 198
Tailoring - 187

I made it through the second sewer trial this weekend also. This one was cake compared to the first one. We made 2 attempts at the third sewer trial but didn't make it before people got tired and ready to move on. We learned a ton about it though and will be better prepared for next time. Dellanie was insane boxing the cleric and chanter in these. We had 2 (or was it 3?) of the singing-mod cloaks drop for us. It would have been a marginal upgrade for me, so others in the group looted since they would get better use out of it. I did pick up a new belt with 36% haste on it though, so I was very happy.

I think the total LDoN since Friday was 10, including 2 hards. Dellanie continued her insanity by boxing the cleric and chanter through a hard on Sunday. Both Dellanie and myself bought our 1492 cost breastplates on Sunday, so we got some nice upgrades. Dellanie also got a bracer drop from the hard MM adventure we did.

Overall a busy weekend. I've already caught up on the various AE threads and am back to being pissed off. Hopefully SOE will rethink their decision, but I doubt it.


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