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PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2004 6:22 pm 
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The forces gathered Saturday morning/afternoon to make a second attempt at the 10th Coldain Ring War; the first attempt having failed due to massive bugs in the script. At peak I saw 62 people in the zone; peak in raid was 52. I was astonished at the turnout. I can not begin to thank everyone enough for their help and support. The script ran mostly good. There were some things that didn't happen, but nothing that caused the event to fail. In the end we had a dead Narandi and all dwarf heroes still alive. Total time was just under 2 hours from trigger. I hope to do it again soon for another 9th ring holder.


Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV -- Jarrroll <The Commune>
Finger, AC 10, Str 10, Sta 10, MR 10, Hp 100, Effect: Frostreaver's Blessing, clickable 10 point regeneration, 10 point damage shield, 10 Atk, does not stack with druid/shammy regen spells but does stack with innate item regen items.

Narandi's Lance -- Snippy <House Kel'Dar>
Pierecing, 44 Dam, 45 Delay, AC 8, Str 8, Str 8, Wis 8, Int 8, DR 10, HP 30, Mana 30

Crown of Narandi -- Maigee <House Kel'Dar>
Head, AC 25, Str 8, Sta 8, Agi 8, Dex 8, Wis 8, Int 8, MR 4, FR 4, CR 4, PR 4, DR 4, HP 50, Mana 50, Flowing Thought 2

Chocker of the Wretched -- Yyeniel <House Kel'Dar>
Neck, AC 8, Str 8, Wis 8, Int 8, Cha 8, Hp 40, Mana 40, Flowing Thought 1

Earring of the Frozen Skull -- Naidu <House Kel'Dar>
Ear, AC 4, MR 4, FR 4, CR 4, PR 4, DR 4, Mana 40, Clicky Effect Divine Aura 4 charges

Faceguard of Bentos the Hero -- Jammez <The Silent Majority>
Face, AC 10, Str 10, Sta 10, PR 10, DR 10, Hp 10

Eye of Narandi -- Skyefire <The Commune>
Range, AC 4, Str 4, Sta 4, Agi 4, Dex 4, Hp 40, Mana 40, Clicky Effect - Creeping Vision unlimited charges.

On another note, on Friday 3 groups of various alliance people went to Fear. We cleared a good chunk of the zone, took down the 1 demi that was up, and attacked Cazic-Thule himself. Congrats Derg on the wizzy epic piece and Jmorgai on the chanter epic piece.



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