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 Post subject: Netherwing Dailies
PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 4:29 pm 
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This is a post I'd talked about with Thistley a while back and Madari's post lately got me kicked in the butt enough to actually do it. I'll work on another post for the other areas soon.

First off, all the info you could possibly need can be found on wowwiki at: http://www.wowwiki.com/Netherwing#Quests. I'll summarize based on my knowledge and experiences though.

There is a quest chain that must be completed prior to starting. Mordenai in Shadow Moon Valley starts the chain. The chain is soloable until the last step which takes a group (fast fight, so not a long group at least). The quest chain is pretty basic. The first step is kill critters to get a drop and then click on the drop to feed dragon. The next several steps are talk to this npc, then that. After that there is a normal kill quest followed by a ground spawn gather quest. Next is a kill xyz mob to free abc critter. Then more talk and ending with the group kill Captain Badguy. After the chain is complete you will be Neutral with the Netherwing and sent to the dragonmaw orcs as a spy. When you fly into their area you'll turn into an orc with a netherwing mount illusion. You will assist the orcs gaining rank with them while doing other quests that hurt the orcs' efforts. I am pretty sure you have to have an epic flying mount to do the Netherwing Dailies.

The neutral faction set kindof sucks since you only have a couple of daily quests available. As you gain a new faction level you open up additional quests. You can do the quests for the faction level you are working on plus all previous faction level quests. At each faction level you also gain a new version of the trinket you get at friendly. This trinket summons a little whelp guardian for you. At revered it also has +45 stamina.

Neutral to Friendly:

The first daily is a crystal gathering daily that you collect 40 crystals from. The crystals drop from just about anything in the area. I would suggest going for the Flayers deep in the mines as they drop pretty frequently and in pairs often. Why you do it here has more bearing later.

The next daily is A Slow Death. Personally, I skipped this daily. You fly to the north central part of the zone and fight the lizards, snakes, and scorpions. They drop a Fel Gland at a decent rate. You need to gather 12 of them. Once you get 12 you fly back to the orc island and combine the glands with the mutton given by the quest giver at 12 peon camps (they are all over the island).

If you are an herbalist/skinner/miner there is an additional daily quest to gather materials. Skinners can skin the flayers mentioned above for the item (need 35 daily). Herbalist gather an herb that grows all ontop of the island (need 40 per day). Miners do something that I have no idea about, but I imagine it is the nethercite ore I see all inside the mine is what it is about.

The next item isn't a daily quest, but it fits here anyhow. There are Netherwing Eggs that spawn on the island and in the mine. They also drop randomly from creatures. These are turned in one at a time for 250 rep per egg. I usually get 0-3 per day doing my dailies.

The Not So Friendly Skies is the other daily. You are sent to gather 10 relics from the dragonmaw orc transporters. The best spot I have found for this just below the docks on the eastern part of the island. There are three netherrays in sight. I stand on the spot next to the middle one (kill the ray). There are two elites guarding the docks, but you don't have to worry with them. Transporters will spawn on the dock, walk to the edge, and then fly off. Other transporters will fly in from two different areas. The relics are a drop from the transporters. Sometimes I have a good drop rate, other days not so good.

Friendly to Honored:

The first daily at friendly (in addition to the ones above) is given by the Mistress of the Mines just south of the orc camp. She sends you into the mine to recover 15 cargo. These are ore carts throughout the mines that have crystals in them. Simply gather 15 of them. You do this while farming for crystals and the next daily. This daily is worth 18g rather than the normal 12.

The second daily is given by the mine foreman just inside the mine (there are two foremen actually and you can get and turn in to either of them). They send you into the mine to kill 15 Flayers and 5 ravagers. This is why I suggest farming in that area for your crystals above. You need to kill in that area and might as well get credit for this quest while farming. There are plenty of Flayers in the area. The Ravagers are a bit more of a pain. Everything is on an 8 minute respawn time and you'll probably kill all 15 flayers well before you get your 5 ravagers. It sucks, but you need to farm crystals anyhow. I usually team up with another alliance player or two in the area and get credit for the ravagers easier. Don't forget to keep an eye out for egg spawns. Alot of people miss them in this area.

The third daily (think this is at friendly, although it may not open until honored) has a quest you have to do prior to it. You have to get the materials to make your very own booterang. You need 10 knothide leathers (get Thistley to get them or just AH them) and a drop from a dinosaur in northern Netherstorm. It wasn't hard, you just have to fly out to him. Give the materials back and you'll be able to do the booterrang daily. The actual daily itself just has you flying around (you don't have to dismount to use the booterrang). The peon camp peons will occasionally sleep, become disobediant, or disgruntled. Click on the booterang while targeting them and they'll go back to work. You need to booterrang 20 per day.

At friendly there is another quest chain that opens up that isn't repeatable. You need a random drop called the escape plans (I got mine from a slime). You go to an orc in the mines passed the slime area and then the chain has you kill some critters in the area south of the flayer area. You also have to do some running around and talking to people in the mine. No biggie, but worth some faction/gold.

Honored to Revered:

The first honored level daily sends you to the far western side of Nagrand to kill 20 cultist. This is pretty simple aside from the elites walking around. It is worth 500 rep rather than the normal 250, so it is worth doing. The cultist also drop the marks for Aldor rep. It is a flight to get out there and back, but worth it.

You also open up the race questline at honored. These are not repeatable but give great faction (1k for 6th/final race). You race each of the 6 guys in order. The 5th guy was a pain and is a 4.5 minute race. Once I got passed the first 45 seconds I was ok though. The last guy was a total bitch and it took help from Thistley and Berok in order to do it. Anyhow, you talk to the guys to start the race and then follow them. They will throw various things at you to unmount you. I would do these naked so if you die you don't rack up a repair bill. The first 4 were pretty easy (1-2 attempts to succeed). The last two were a pita.

There is another quest line that opens up at honored. You have to gather some materials. One of them cost me 80g in the AH. You create a cannon with the materials. The follow up quest sends you to the same camp in Nagrand as the daily to fight a giant elite. Basically you have to fly around the giant within 60 yards while avoiding his melee range. He throws shadow bolts and other things at you to unmount you. He also cripples you which slows you down making avoiding him and his spells harder. You have to do this for 30-40 seconds in order to complete the quest. I did it on my first attempt. All in, this was a money sink for the materials, but wasn't all that hard. Seeing as you have to already have your epic flyer maybe you do it, maybe you don't. It is 1k in faction in total, but does cost some gold to complete.

Revered to Exalted:

There an Aldor/Scyer daily that gives you Netherwing rep (no aldor/scryer rep). You trigger it at the aldor camp (assuming scryer camp if there is one). You then have to fight off flights of elite skyguards. It is a 3 player recommended quest. I managed to solo it once and duo it with an undead warlock once. I haven't had luck getting a group for it though. Your mileage may vary.

I should hit exalted tonight. You get a quest chain that ends with you seeing Illian (big bad boss of the entire expansion) and I believe you get to choose a netherdrake for your own (6-8 different colors to choose from).

Overall Routine:
My overall routine is to gather all the quests, then head to the mines. I kill the flayers/ravagers and collect my 15 cargo. Usually I finish off the kills before I get my 15 cargo. I just run around gathering it until I finish. After that I fly around the top part of the island booterranging peons and gathering my herbs. Then I go to the spot and kill the transporters for my relics. After that I head to Nagrand for my 20 kills there. Then I come back and do my turn ins. From Friendly on, I didn't specifically farm for the herbs or crystals. I just did the turn in for those as I got enough crystals/herbs for a set. I usually ended up do those turn ins every other day or 2 out of every 3 depending on my drop rate. I didn't ever bother with the poisoning the peons quest and actually only completed it once. I got to Honored in less than a week. In total I spent about 3 weeks from Neutral to Exalted.

Like I said before, look at the WoWwiki page as it has all the information, including detailed quest information. The information I provide is just some helpful hints on actually completing the dailies in what I found to be an efficient manner. I hope to do a small write up of the other area dailies so some of you can farm gold for your epic mounts so you can start these soon.


 Post subject: Re: Netherwing Dailies
PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 6:12 am 
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Wow thanks for all the work typing that up.



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