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 Post subject: Ancient Lichen
PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:23 am 
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Okay, this took some innovative thinking and much testing but it is very possible and very easy without having stealth. Below I have provided a map of where you are going to want to run, and details of how to get the most lichen possible.

1. You are going to want to enter Slave Pens, this is in coilfang reservoir, you are going to need to be level 70. And last but not least you need to be an herbalist.
2. After entering you will see a large oval lake with a long island in the middle, you are going to want aight, and you will see the lichen in 1 of 3 spots. Marked as red dots on the map provided.a. To obtain these lichen is very simple, all you must do is run between the pats, at level 70 your agro range on these mobs is very small, and I suggest you test this before running too close and getting yourself killed.b. The first of 3 lichen is in a cove to your left, run to the lichen and avoid the pat, if you don’t think you can run back out in time, stay in the cove, the pat will not agro to you.
c. The second is a bit trickier, you have to run in the middle of a group on both sides and make sure the pat that walks the hallway ahead is not coming towards you. Just make sure you give enough room on either side of you to make it through, once to the lichen, no need to worry, nothing will agro on you from there.
d. Next is going to be just inside the hallway, there is a pat inside this hallway so be careful, follow them closely and farm it once they pass it, and quickly get back on there trail. You are going to want to stay on the left wall after getting your lichen from the right side of the hall.
1. To get past this pat there is going to be a small opening in the hallway, this will give you just enough room to run around them, as shown on the map. The large red dot is what marks the large opening.
2. after passing the pat you should be ready to take the blue pathline shown on the map provided. This is where it gets a bit trickier. One lichen is only obtainable as mass fear classes; this pathline is shown in black and will be discussed later.
3. The other two 3 lichen that use this random spawn are shown as green dots. WATCH OUT FOR PATS THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Just run between them
a. The first and most common lichen is up on a platform, this is the most tricky and hard to get, this will take some practice to get used to. If any of you remember the bug where you could scale the walls of IF this is run on the same principal. You are going to want to get to the platform, on the location marked as the light blue dot on the map. You are going to want to jump on the wall ahead so that your body is facing west, and you are parallel with the wall. It will take two jumps and then you can walk up onto the platform. I have a screenshot provided to where you want to start and what you should look like.
b. The second is on next to a group of crabs, this one is very time sensitive, You must first wait for the closest crap to the lichen is just done moving to the furthest point away from the lichen, then swoop in like a ninja in the night and get it. And back out quickly.
c. The third is a easy one to get follow the yellow path right to it, and you wont agro a thing 
1. We are now on the yellow path, this is the easiest of the paths, if you agro anything in this, you are just not paying attention. :-P
a. 3 of the 4 are behind all the mobs, giving you a wide open space to pick your pretty flowers. But one can give some people a bit of difficulty. This one is on the west side of the hill, 3 pats roam this area, and you must enter quickly and leave quickly without getting too close.
b. A final note about the two guards that guard the next area are too close to run between, and there is only 1 lichen after this point, it is not worth trying. They will not agro as long as you stay off the ramp.
1. A quick note about the purple and black paths, you can do one of the two options available. If you have AoE fear, run the black path and fear the 5 crabs, loot the lichen, and run like the wind. This is up to you if it is worth it, you might die.
2. If you can MC, you got lucky. Get up on the platform like shown above, mc the target that is sitting on your lichen, and watch him die. You can not agro, because the mobs go into evade. After about 1 min of evade they go back to normal, but your 1 crab is dead, and the lichen is now available.


http://photos-127.ak.facebook.com/ip002 ... 7_1300.jpg

SS of jumping to platform

http://photos-128.ak.facebook.com/ip002 ... 8_1490.jpg
http://photos-129.ak.facebook.com/ip002 ... 9_1853.jpg
http://photos-130.ak.facebook.com/ip002 ... 0_2219.jpg

Yeah, that is right, I used facebook to host my images...

There you go, Dale.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:29 am 
Insane Bard
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Interesting. I'll have to give it a go.

On the bright side, I only need 2 ancient lichen and 1 primal earth for my last skillup combine. I've got the primal earth and 2 ancient lichen shouldn't be too hard to come by.


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