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 Post subject: Did you know?
PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:00 am 
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I found this very enlightening thread on the official WoW forums.

So far the only thing I've learned (up to page 12) is that a warlock can use various curses to juggle the mobs feared...

But here's some highlights:

Druids and Rogues can learn to use Fist weapons. This is tracked by the "Unarmed" skill. Warriors and hunters can also learn to use these.
Holding ALT while clicking on a stackable vendor item will buy a full stack for you
NUMLOCK makes you autorun.
The / key on your numberpad makes you -walk-
Sunder Armor stacks up to 5 times, but needs to be continually refreshed...
... but if a rogue uses Expose Armor, Sunder will not work at all.
Faerie Fire (feral or druid) stacks with either of the two.
Right-clicking the name of someone who whispers you will pop up a menu that you can use to invite, ignore, and a number of other tasks
Shift-clicking someone's name in the chat box will perform /who (name) and you'll see their class, guild, and level
From 1-60, you get spells at every even numbered level. (2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate!)
From 61-70, you get spells every level. (Except rogues. Nerf rogues!)
You start earning talent points once you hit 10. At 10, you have one point. At 50, you have 41; at 60, you have 51, and at 70, you'll have 61 talent points.
If you eat and drink, then Stealth (or Shadowmeld) you can refill while stealthed and relatively safe.
You don't have to take items out of a bag when replacing it, just drag the new bag on the old one's slot and your stuff moves automatically. Its order might get jumbled, but it saves playing musical bags. This will work as long as the new bag in not IN the bag you are replacing.
If you lose your target (by say clicking on the world) you can hit G to retarget it.
If you need to /assist someone (that is, target their target) hit F
You can Stoneform out of Blind
Theres a quest at the bottom of the broken Bridge between Arathi and the Wetlands in the skeleton's hand
There's also a quest in the broken, solo tower directly above that.
You can BoP yourself out of SAP aswell as use it while Sap'd on other players.
You can throw grenades while running.
A weapon chain on your offhand makes your main hand immune to disarm
Tauren are the only race with an audible /moo command
/pizza makes you feel hungry. Prior to the EQ2 /pizza feature, it was not a valid command
Dwarf models lack a chin. Some helms that bide the beard and show the chin reveal that their teeth just kind of meld into their neck.
You can't run into the IF bank on a Raptor mount as any race but a gnome, the model is too tall. Lots of other doors still work.
Throwing weapons only "cast" for half their listed speed, half way through the action you can start moving and still throw.
/follow works on ANY player in your faction; they do not have to be grouped.
If you type /a or any letter at all, and then press tab, it'll cycle through all the emotes alphabetically!
If you type a command like /ignore, and don't hit enter. Shift-clicking a players name in the chat, will add that players name behind your command. Works with all commands.
There is a handy use of of the tiny bubbles that come from a crack in the ground underwater. If you sit/ tread water in them, you can breathe!

Scribe Info

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:15 am 
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Typing /guildinfo shows you the amount of characters you have in your guild and the amount of different accounts
Gaining skillpoints in fishing is based 100% off of the number of successful catches, doesn't matter where you get them. Therefore if you are sitting at 300/375 fishing, you could just go somewhere like Stormwind and sit getting a guaranteed catch every time in the middle of the city, and level just as fast as if you went somewhere like Zangarmarsh, where you will have to use high-level fishing gear, lures, and still endure lots of fish 'getting away'.
The \ key is an instant-review mirror. (not /, but \ which is usually found above the enter key) Running away from a mob, tap \ and instantly look behind you.
Sweeping Strikes and Cleave stack.
You can pickpocket ooze. Honest. Go try.
Using Amplify Magic on a mob that's Mind Controlled will result in their being more suseptible to magic attacks once they revert

Just like RAWRBOMBs and the Charge thing, you can blink right before you land from a fall and not take damage, if you time it right

Right clicking on the 'general' tab of the chat window (hover mouse over it first) will give you a LOT of chat options including color changes, whether or not you want the channel to show up (ie. you can leave guild chat without leaving the guild), also you can display what you want to show up in the combat log

You can also make a new chat box that displays something in particular (helpful when firing Tranq Shot to have a window that just shows misses so you can see if you missed for certain); you choose this with the checkboxes

The torch you you use to light the towers in Searing Gorge can be used to max out your Hand to Hand skill. Equip it and go attack a level 1 mob in the starting area. He will hit you for 1 damage at a time and you will NEVER damage him if it is equipped. It deals zero damage and checks your hand to hand skill.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:24 am 
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Very good summary here

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