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Guide to Mr. Pinchy on WoW Forums:
Standing on the docks in Stormwind, two orphans stand fishing telling stories of this and that. Billy has many tales, some are tragic, and some are glorious of his days spent at sea. Adam never believes him, for his tales seem unbelieveable and never-ending. But, though he knows not, one of his stories is TRUE.

Listen closely, and you too will hear the story of the "Golden fish", who when caught, will grant you three wishes! As I stood fishing with the orphans, I thought about it... what if it's true? What if there really is a "Golden Fish" who would grant my three dearest wishes? This tale... is one that will not soon be forgotten.

I journied from one world to the next until... I discovered Mr. Pinchy. Such a wise, noble crab he is. I encountered perils unheard of. I ventured to unknown lands. BUT, Mr. Pinchy is now MINE!!!

Yes, I captured this fellow after about 100 successful casts. Twas a grand day for me. Here is my guide for you on how to capture him yourself!

For those of you who don't know about him, he can only be caught from 3 lakes in Terokkar Forest that are only accessible by flying. He is a blue item that requires Level 55. He grants three 'wishes' with a 2 day cooldown between each 'wish'. He can only be caught out of "Highland Mixed School" pools and they all require a minimum of 430 fishing (with lures and enchants of course). I am currently at 497 fishing (375 skill, Aquadynamic Lure +100, Seth's pole +20, +2 fishing on gloves) and fish get away about 20-30% of the time.

So far I have cast my first wish and received "Mr. Pinchy's Gift" (4 Super Health potions, 5 Super Mana Potions). I'm saving the gift just so I have something solid to prove I got him. I'm dying to get the Magical Crawdad pet.

The three lakes he can be caught from are as follows:
Lake Jorune: just west of the Horde city
-Easy to fish at and includes 3 spawn points
Lake Ere' Noru: just south of Allerian Stronghold
-Easy to fish at and includes 3-4 spawn points
Blackwind Lake: The lake around/next to Skettis
-Difficult to fish at and includes 8-10 spawn points around the lake and the island. Level 70-71 mobs roam around it as well as 3 72 elite's that patrol certain areas.
Note: I died many times learning what I had to kill to fish the pools, so be prepared for an aggrivating day of learning the area.

I have personally found that I can fish the first 2 lakes quickly, then fish all the pools in Blackwind. After I fish most of those, I can go back again to the first 2 and fish them again. At first I thought the pools were on a timer, but I think they just spawn after the others are fished up.

I have caught probably now 150 Furious Crawdads (Cook into food that restores 7500 health and gives +30 stamina, +20 spirit for 30 min) along with a couple stacks of Golden Darters (+44 healing, +20 spirit for 20 min), maybe 7-8 off hand fish (Huge Spotted Feltail/Enormous Barbed Gil Trout), several scrollcases with various Rank V scrolls, Several curious boxes (Fel Iron Ore, Knothide Leather, Nethweave), probably 10-20 Motes of water, and 3 Goldenscale Vendorfish (worth 6g each at the vendor).

The list of 'wishes' I have heard that you get are:
Super health, super mana potions inside a Gift Box
Aggressive Mr Pinchy attacks you; Level 70 (Elite?)
Guardian Mr Pinchy; Level 70 (non-elite) and lasts for 10 minutes
Non-combat permanent pet called 'Magical Crawdad'
Flask of Titans (1200 health for 2 hours; persists through death)

My one question I have is... Does anyone know if Mr. Pinchy can be caught (and held in the backpack) twice? I would assume so since he is not unique. Also, if he can be caught twice, would the cooldown be the same for both? It is kind of a random question, but I'm dying to get the pet and I have continued to fish for a 2nd catch. I just hope I'm not wasting my time. O.o

Well there's my guide to catching him! May all your days be filled with Pinchyness and may the Pinchies bless you forevermore!

Please add your stories and thoughts as you like. Enjoy!

For an additional guide (the one I first heard about him from), check out:

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