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 Post subject: 300 Alchemy
PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:47 am 
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From here

Quall's Guide to Power-Leveling Alchemy
Improvements and testing by Jheran

So, you are sixtieth level, have lots of disposable cash, and decide to make potions to better your PvP abilities. Maybe you are using GenriKB's guide to making money, or starting your first real profession and want to get to the top as quickly as possible. Whatever the reason, this guide will show you how to skill up Alchemy in the quickest amount of time.

This guide should get you to 300 alchemy in about two to three hours and comfortably under 200 gold if you buy all the materials off the auction house. That doesn’t take into account selling all your potions afterwards.

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. First, the basics.

The first rule is to never, ever, train anything other than the items on this list. For now, it is just a waste of money. Once you are comfortably at the higher levels, you can train whatever you want as the need arises.

Second, you are either going to need a good chunk of money or a lot of your items gathered before beginning. Having honored faction won't hurt either, as your vial costs will be a bit lower. Saving two and a half silver on those crystal flasks adds up, so buy them in a city where you are honored or higher. Using the spreadsheet I did, it costs about 145 gold to level up to 300. This cost is an average cost that includes purchasing all your materials (herbs, fish, claws, etc.) from the auction house, and does not include training, flasks, or recipe costs.

Another suggestion is to buy your materials in full stacks. Most of the time, items in full stacks are priced cheaper. Also, if you happen to have some bad luck in skilling up, you have a few extra materials to fall back on. So, for example, if 30 Mageroyal are needed, buy two full stacks. You can always sell back what you don't use. The 145 gold estimate is for exact amounts, so buying a full stack will be more expensive, even though you will recoup the costs on the excess.

So, without further ado, here is the shopping list:

Peacebloom (ave price 1sp) x 54 (3 stacks)
Silverleaf (ave price 1sp 50cp) x 64 (4 stacks)
Mageroyal (ave price 3sp) x 30 (2 stacks)
Briarthorn (ave price 11sp 25cp) x 82 (5 stacks)
Sharp Claw (ave price 5sp) x 17
Bruiseweed (ave price 5sp) x 25 (2 stacks)
Stranglekelp (ave price 16sp) x 25 (2 stacks)
Firefin Snapper (ave price 15sp) x 22
Liferoot (ave price 8sp 50 cp) x 35 (2 stacks)
Kingsblood (ave price 16sp 25 cp) x 20 (1 stack)
Wild Steelbloom (ave price 20sp) x 20 (1 stack)
Goldthorn (ave price 25sp) x 40 (2 stacks)
Khadgar's Whisker (ave price 13sp 75cp) x 20 (1 stack)
Sungrass (ave price 25sp) x 50 (3 stacks)
Arthas' Tears (ave price 15) x 15 (1 stack)
Gromsblood (ave price 75sp) x 10 (1 stack)
Blindweed (ave price 30sp) x 30 (2 stacks)
Golden Sansam (ave price 50sp) x 56 (3 stacks)
Mountain Silversage (ave price 75sp) x 28 (2 stacks)

If you are an herbalist and gathering your own materials, pick all the herbs you can get your hands on. They may come in handy for other potions not included in this guide. Fishing is also a great skill to go along with alchemy. Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snapper, and Stonescale eel are all used to make oils that are in demand for other professions. Gathering your materials, as opposed to purchasing them at the auction house, will lower your costs significantly.

From an alchemy supplier, you will need the following:
Empty Vial (20cp per 5) x 112
Leaded Vial (2sp per 5) x 90
Crystal Vial (25sp per 5) x 83

The flasks can be purchased as you go. Trying to buy them all at once will fill bag and bank slots unnecessarily.

You will also need the following limited quantity recipes. You will have to purchase these from a vendor.

Limited Quantity Recipes:

Rage Potion (1sp) - available from vendors in the Barrens, Orgrimmar,
Westfall, and Loch Modan

Nature Protection Potion (20sp) - available from vendors in Feralas,
Stranglethorn Vale, and Tanaris

Superior Mana Potion (1g 20sp) - available in Darnassis and Undercity

Major Healing Potion (1g 50sp) - available in Winterspring

List of trainers


Apprentice (to 75)
Carolai Anise (Trisfal Glades)
Doctor Martin Felben (Undercity)
Kray (Thunder Bluff)
Miao'zan (Durotar)
Whuut (Orgrimmar)

Journeyman (to 150)
Bena Winterhoof (Thunder Bluff)
Doctor Marsh (Undercity)
Jaxin Chong (Stranglethorn Vale)
Serge Hinott (Hillsbrad Foothills)
Yelmak (Orgrimmar)

Expert (to 225)
Doctor Herbert Halsey (Undercity)

Artisan (to 300)
Rogvar (Swamp of Sorrows)


Apprentice (to 75)
Alchemist Mallory (Elwynn Forest)
Cyndra Kindwhisper (Teldrassil)
Ghak Healtouch (Loch Modan)
Lilyssia Nightbreeze (Stormwind)
Milla Fairancora (Darnassus)
Tel'Athir (Stormwind)
Vosur Brakthel (Ironforge)

Journeyman (to 150)
Alchemist Narett (Dustwallow Marsh)
Jaxin Chong (Stranglethorn Vale)
Kylanna (Ashenvale)
Sylvanna Forestmoon (Darnassus)
Tally Berryfizz (Ironforge)

Expert (to 255)
Ainethil (Darnassus)

Artisan (to 300)
Kylanna Windwhisper (Feralas)

Okay, so, now you know what to buy and where to train. Now, it’s time to get to work.

A suggestion while doing this is to stay near a mailbox. If you gathered your materials, send them to an alt and have the alt mail them back to you. (If the alt just uses the return button to mail them back, it costs nothing and the mailbox provides an excellent means of storage if your bags and bank are full. Just remember that mail is lost after 29 days.) If you bought your items, leave them in your mailbox until you need them. Then, as you need materials, pull them out of your mailbox. As you complete potions, send them to your alt, and deal with them later.

First of all, train novice in Alchemy. Congratulations, you are now an alchemist.

Time to start making potions. Make them in this exact order until you hit the skill level noted, then move on to the next potion.

Minor Healing Potion (requires 1 Peacebloom, 1 Silverleaf, 1 Empty Vial, each, yellow at 55) Make until skill level is 55, 54 potions. **Save these potions as you will need them later.

Minor Mana Potion (requires 1 Silverleaf, 1 Mageroyal, 1 Empty Vial, each, yellow at 65) Make until skill level is 65, 10 potions.

Find the Journeyman trainer and train to Journeyman.

Did you save those Minor Healing Potions? Good. You’re going to need them to make the next potion on the list.

Lesser Healing Potion (requires 1 Minor Healing Potion, 1 Briarthorn, each, yellow at 85) Make until skill level is 85, 25 potions.

You can now ship off those extra Minor Healing Potions or, if you have a lot of extra Briarthorn lying around, convert them into Lesser Mana Potions to grind out a few more skill points.

The next step requires your first purchased recipe. It also requires Sharp Claws, which you can get by grinding 10-20th level mobs, or buy on the auction house. I would suggest hording these early as they don’t always appear on the auction house as most people foolishly vendor them.

Rage Potion (requires 1 Sharp Claw, 1 Briarthorn, 1 Empty Vial, each, yellow at 95). Skill up to 100, approximately 17 potions.

Elixir of Wisdom (requires 1 Mageroyal, 2 Briarthorn, 1 Empty Vial, each, yellow at 120) Make until skill level is 110, 10 potions.

Healing Potion (requires 1 Bruiseweed, 1 Briarthorn, 1 Leaded Vial, each, yellow at 135) Make until skill is 135, 25 potions.

Lesser Mana Potion (requires 1 Mageroyal, 1 Stranglekelp, 1 Empty Vial, each, yellow at 145) Make until skill level is 145, 10 potions.

Time to see a new trainer. This time, you will be training as an Expert.

After seeing the trainer, bust out the fishing pole, or purchase your Firefin Snappers. You’ll need them to make the next potion.

Fire Oil (requires 2 Firefin Snappers, 1 Empty Vial, each, yellow at 154) Make until skill level is 155, approximately 11 potions.

Greater Healing Potion (requires 1 Liferoot, 1 Kingsblood, 1 Leaded Vial, each, yellow at 175) Make until skill level is 175, 20 potions.

Elixir of Fortitude (requires 1 Wild Steelbloom, 1 Goldthorn, 1 Leaded Vial, each, yellow at 195) up to skill level 195, 20 potions.

The next recipe is a vendored item found at the locations listed above.

Nature Protection Potion (requires 1 Liferoot, 1 Stranglekelp, 1 Leaded Vial, each, yellow at 210) Make to skill 210, 15 potions.

Greater Mana Potion (requires 1 Khadgar's Whisker, 1 Goldthorn, 1 Leaded Vial, each, yellow at 220) make until skill is 220, 10 potions.

Time to train Master Alchemy. You are now a Master Alchemist!

Your work, however, is not complete.

Superior Healing Potion (requires 1 Sungrass, 1 Khadgar's Whisker, 1 Crystal Vial, each, yellow at 230) Make until skill level is 230, 10 potions.

Elixir of Detect Undead (requires 1 Arthas' Tears, 1 Crystal Vial, each, yellow at 245) These are a real steal at this level. Make until skill is 245, 15 potions.

Elixir of Greater Agility (requires 1 Sungrass, 1 Goldthorn, 1 Crystal Vial, each, yellow at 255) Make until skill is 255, 10 potions.

Elixir of Detect Demon (requires 2 Gromsblood, 1 Crystal Vial, each, yellow at 265) Make to skill 260, 5 potions.

The last two recipes are vendor recipes, so you can leave your Master trainer if you so choose. You bought these already if you used the shopping list.

Superior Mana Potion (requires 2 Sungrass, 2 Blindweed, 1 Crystal Vial, each, yellow at 275) Make until skill is 275, 15 potions.

Major Healing Potion (requires 2 Golden Sansam, 1 Mountain Silversage, 1 Crystal Vial, each) Make until skill is 300, approximately 28 potions.

Congratulations, you have made it through the grind.

Auction any of the materials you didn't use and that you don't need. You can re-coop some of your costs by auctioning off the potions you just made. When all is said and done, you will probably re-coop about half your investment.

So, that’s it. I hope you made it all the way to 300! Give me some feedback to improve this guide to make it even more useful. That way, people can benefit from your experiences on the climb to 300.

Good Luck!

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