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 Post subject: Warrior Thread EJ
PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:12 pm 
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http://elitistjerks.com/f81/t88685-4_0_ ... lue_posts/

I was just reading it and it's a great thread. Brings up many good points. I am just going to quote the original post and put my own links into it based on his links since they probably won't quote right.

Welcome to the Warrior FAQ, now updated for Patch 4.0.

What you will see in this post: Simple, concise answers to frequently asked questions specific to Patch 4.0.
What you won't see in this post: The detailed reasoning behind those answers, advanced Warrior concepts, Cataclysm information.

NOTE: Post-4.0 Warrior theorycraft is still in a rather disorganized and obfuscated state. Expect some of what follows to change or be clarified as new information comes to light. If you believe something is wrong, please provide a link to relevant theorycraft, or post in excruciating detail your own tests and theorycraft. Please do not post any corrections without data or a relevant source to back up your assertions.


Relevant Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
Rather than try and address multiple threads, I'm just going to plop our current thoughts in this one post. Please excuse the brevity.

1) We think Fury, Arms, Feral cat and Retribution dps is too low and we will be buffing them.





Q: Will Plate Specialization and Mastery be available with the patch?
A: Yes, you can learn them from your trainer.

Q: Will Agility Amulets/Rings/Cloaks/Ranged Weapons break Plate Specialization?
A: No, as those items don't have an armor type. You still want to replace them with Strength items if you can.

Q: Where the heck did all my Armor Penetration/Block Value/Block Rating/Defense go?
A: Blizzard converted them all into other stats. Depending on the item Armor Penetration became Haste or Crit while Block Value/Block Rating/Defense became Parry or Dodge.

Q: HALP! What do I gem for? What stats do I reforge? What about enchants? What-
A: I've conveniently listed stat priorities for each spec in the sections below. They apply equally to gems, enchants, and reforging. Use them.


Q: What is the best Arms spec?
A: Some variation of 31/4/1. You have a lot of leeway on Major and Minor glyphs.

http://cata.wowhead.com/talent#LGbfcRMR ... :McmR0M0kM

Q: What about Blood and Thunder?
A: If you want more AoE damage go for it, take the points out of Battle Trance to get it.

Q: Why did you skip Sudden Death?
A: It doesn't proc Execute anymore, only Colossus Smash,

Q: What rotation should I be using?
A: Maintain Rend, prioritize Mortal Strike > Overpower > Slam. Execute is only better than Slam at high levels of AP and when there's a full 30 rage available. Don't Slam or Execute if it will delay MS, and use Heroic Strike at 60+ rage.

Q: When do I use Bladestorm?
A: When you need to AoE. It's not worth using for single targets.

Q: When do I use Deadly Calm?
A: When you're rage starved, when you need to burst, or when your procs align.

Q: What good is Shattering Throw?
A: It can increase raid DPS during Bloodlust if there are a number of other physical DPS present. However, it's a personal DPS loss.

Q: What are my stat priorities?
A: Get 8% Hit. After that, Strength > Crit > Mastery = Expertise > Haste.

Q: What should I reforge my Haste into?
A: Hit if you're below the cap, Crit if you're not approaching the soft cap (65% on auto attacks), otherwise Expertise or Mastery.

Q: What should I use to enchant my weapon?
A: Berserking.

Q: My raid leader wants me to use Sunder Armor, I don't want to lose DPS.
A: Do it. It's a DPS gain for the raid, and for you as well if no one else is willing/able. Screw your rotation and the DPS race; stack it immediately to full. No, it isn't a better idea for the Rogues to use Expose Armor.


Q: What is the best Fury spec?
A: Some variation of 3/31/2. You have a lot of leeway regarding Major and Minor glyphs.

http://cata.wowhead.com/talent#LhZsrrss ... :zkmcwVz0m

Q: What about Single Minded Fury?
A: There aren't any one-handers with Strength on them currently which hurts Single Minded Fury significantly. Feel free to play around with it, but it won't really take off until Cataclysm.

Q: I don't like Rude Interruption, it sucks on bosses without interrupts.
A: If you're dying for some specific utility elsewhere that's your prerogative, but there are no other DPS talents to take.

Q: What rotation should I be using for Titan's Grip?
A: Bloodthirst -> Raging Blow (use Berserker Rage to activate if necessary) -> Bloodthirst -> Slam/Shout/Utility, Heroic Strike at 60+ Rage.

Q: Isn't Raging Blow more damage than Bloodthirst?
A: Yes, but it has a longer cooldown and isn't always available. Building the rotation around Bloodthirst is simpler and just as effective.

Q: Should I use Slam when I don't have a Bloodsurge proc?
A: No.

Q: What about when I can Execute?
A: Execute to stack your Executioner talent, then resume your normal rotation replacing Slam with Execute whenever you need to maintain your stack.

Q: When do I use Death Wish and Recklessness?
A: Use Death Wish on cooldown, but try to line it up with Bloodlust whenever possible. Recklessness should only be used when Slam or a shout isn't available and preferably during Death Wish or a confluence of procs.

Q: What good is Shattering Throw?
A: It can increase raid DPS during Bloodlust if there are a number of other physical DPS present. However, it's a personal DPS loss.

Q: What are my stat priorities?
A: Get 8% Hit (including Precision), 26 Expertise. After that, Strength > Hit (up to 27%) > Crit > Haste > Mastery.

Q: What should I reforge my Haste into?
A: Hit.

Q: What should I use to enchant my weapon?
A: Berserking.

Q: What about my offhand?
A: Still Berserking.

Q: My raid leader wants me to use Sunder Armor, I don't want to lose DPS.
A: Do it. It's a DPS gain for the raid, and for you as well if no one else is willing/able. Screw your rotation and the DPS race; stack it immediately to full.


Q: What spec should I use?
A: Some variation on 2/3/31. You have a lot of leeway regarding Major and Minor glyphs.

http://cata.wowhead.com/talent#LMZhZcfu ... :0Voqzk0kM

Q: Your build is terrible, I prefer-
A: Protection is less set in stone, depending on whether you're running heroics are raiding. The prior build is a general raiding setup.

Q: What's my maximum threat rotation?
A: Prioritize Shield Slam > Revenge > Victory Rush (with Impending Victory) > Devastate. Heroic Strike at 60+ rage.

Q: What about AoE packs?
A: Rend (if you took Blood and Thunder), Thunderclap and Shockwave become your top priorities. Use Cleave instead of Heroic Strike. Shield Block will greatly reduce your incoming damage.

Q: What are my stat priorities?
A: Stamina, Parry, Dodge and Mastery.

Q: Should I reforge Dodge for Mastery?
A: No.

Q: What about Parry?
A: No.

Q: I thought Parry sucked.
A: Parry now converts at the same rate as Dodge, and has the same diminishing returns. It also has synergy with the Hold the Line talent.

Q: My threat sucks, what should I do?
A: Expertise is your best single target threat stat before you hit 26 expertise, it gets more confusing after that. Strength is the best all around threat stat and for AoE. Look for tanking gear with these stats, or reforge some Parry for Expertise.

Q: I keep dying. What I am doing wrong?
A: You are probably still adjusting to the new changes, as are your healers. In addition, you may be undergeared, using a wrong strategy, standing in the fire, failing to use/time your survival cooldowns or have too few/bad healers.

Q: Who should get my Vigilance?
A: Your offtank in a raid. Whoever keeps pulling threat in heroics.


 Post subject: Re: Warrior Thread EJ
PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:37 am 
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Speed:  Bard Speed
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http://blue.mmo-champion.com/t/14870036 ... 4-0-1-4-0/

Wanted to post this here so it doesn't get lost. I don't have time to read it at work right now, but it looks like a lot of good information for Tanking.

A useful thread about warriors that goes for patch 4.0.1/4.0.3

This has been posted on the US Forums, so I am only taking it from there to post it on the EU Forums.

The author of this guide is a guy named Nathin and have been playing for a while on the PTR/Cata Beta too find out how the tanking works in the new patch. I also recommend to check out his blog.
All honor to him for this guide, it is a good one :)


Hi guys, I also maintain this guide on my blog (which you can find at: http://funingames.wordpress.com/2010/10 ... 80-in-4-0/ ) which honestly will likely have a better layout and shows the graphics/video inline. Nonetheless though, I'll keep both of these up to date with comments from either side or with changes as they come. :)

It is currently as title suggests aimed at the timeframe between 4.0.(1/3) hitting and Cata launching where we'll be stuck at 80, but with the new talents.

If demand warrants, I'm quite prepared to update for level 85 as well. :)


Stat Changes
Talents, Spec Skills and Mastery
So, How Does One Actually Play Now?
Reforging at 80
Wrapping Up // Video Supplement


Guide to Warrior Tanking @80 post 4.0.1/4.0.3
Shut up. :P Naming things is hard. However, if you’re all, ‘Halpz! I’ma drownin in new talents and things and dunno how to play my class any more, rescue me oh handsome purveyor of super informative blog posts!‘ or… You know… Something remotely close to that, then prepare to have your plea answered! Perhaps! If by the end of this, you’re still feeling in the dark, read it again! If still in the dark after that, well, there might not be much hope for you- er, feel free to ask a question. :)

Before beginning, just want to explain what this is and isn’t. Like Keeva’s Resto Druid Guide (url: http://treebarkjacket.com/patch-4-0-guide/) this one will only be dealing with issues between the time the 4.0 patch goes live (rumoured to be very soon) and when Cata launches. This will not set out to be a levelling guide nor will it much discuss builds for level 85 (I may in passing note what might be different, but certainly this is not a focus). There will be NO CONTENT SPOILERS of any kind. However, I will be discussing the new talents and prot warrior mechanics. So if you don’t even want to be that spoiled, turn back now!

Still with me? Excellent. Onwards!

Stat Changes
In particular, the changes you’ll see just by logging in before and after the 4.0 patch goes live. Here’s a screenshot of the stats of my warrior on live (3.3.5) right now:

Image: http://funingames.files.wordpress.com/2 ... -live1.jpg

And then this same character, with not a single piece of gear changed (other than being 4.0′d) on the beta server:

Image: http://funingames.files.wordpress.com/2 ... r-beta.jpg

Note that the beta shot was taken after training Plate Specialisation and Mastery, then also talenting so as to actually get the prot mastery. Also, I forgot to get a mouse over of the armor value. But the mitigation given by 28,828 armor at level 80 in 4.0 is: 65.43%

So to break it down a make that a little easier to compare without flipping page up and down like a yo-yo, here’s a differential from Live to Beta:

HP: +4300
Strength: -101
Stamina: +430

Defense: N/A (Now crit immunity is rolled into the Bastion of Defense talent.)***
Armor: -4176 (-2.99%)
Dodge: -5.11%
Parry: -1.07%
Block: +11.2%

So we essentially gain a little more life in exchange for almost everything else. We do gain in life at least, but not nearly as dramatically as what non tanks will be seeing. Note also though that we make quite a significant leap in terms of Block. Truth be told, before reforging (for mastery rating, since won’t be able to get it any other way), 30% block rating is simply what all warriors will have. No more no less. There is no block rating stat any more, nor is there any shield block value rating which leads me to the next big thing about block. If you weren’t already aware, block recieves quite a major overhaul in 4.0. No more does it block for piddly little amounts of damage determined by your SBV, no, instead it blocks 30% of the incoming damage if you successfully block, regardless of the size of the hit.

***As Agememnon correctly reminded me, defense rating also increased your chance for an enemies melee attack to miss you. It was the sole way for your chance to be missed to rise (unlike for Dodge, Parry and Block which were also raised by defense, and it's loss may account for some of the loss we see there). How much chance to be missed you're going to lose is going to depend on just how high you stacked defense, but at the minimum of 540 defense skill you'll lose ~5.6% chance to be missed (unsure how hard DR hits this).

As a Protection Warrior, your mastery also then gives you a chance to critically block, which will stop 60% of the incoming hit. The chance to critically block is 10% of your successful blocks, and that figure can be increased through mastery. Although as I’ve already mentioned the only way you’re going to see Mastery Rating at level 80 is to reforge it on.

So What do These Stat Changes Mean at 80?
Honestly, not a lot. At least for 80, you’ll still be stacking what you’re stacking now. Which for most? IS MOAR STAMINA. With the base HP levels Cataclysm will give us at 85, alongside the new damage model of steady damage rather than risky instagib spikes, I strongly suspect we’ll see more options opening up. That gemming avoidance might actually become reasonable again.

For the moment however, not a lot to worry about.


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