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 Post subject: 2012 Recap_47
PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:08 pm 
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Played Friday night, Saturday til about 1, and Sunday from 1pm on.
Saturday did some wood chopping (man am I stiff) then went to m'Lady's house for her dad's Bday stuff, then Sunday hung with m'Lady, made breakfast, and relaxed until she had to leave for work at 1.

Monk ran from 37 to 46
Priest from 63 to 65
DK2 from 72 to 75, got Inscription to 525, and the guild earned the achievement "Working as a Team"
Mage2 53 to 54

Guild is under 7 million to 20. Too tired to do much more tonight.

Some highlight dungeons:
The first or second run of the weekend on DK2 ended up in the Nexus. The tank went AFK immediately upon zoning in, and naturally you can't kick within the first 15 minutes of a dungeon. So I popped Blood Aura and tanked all the way up to the stone boss before we could kick the original tank and get a new one. Healer said it was the most fun she'd had in a while.

One later run on the DK2 where there were 3 DKs, and 2 monks. I joked with the group that this broke my streak of groups with no monk in them. Except when I played my monk, there were no groups with monks. It was rather nice.

Then I got into a run for Azjol'nerub, and we were only getting ~30xp per kill at the front of the zone, until we realized there was an 80 priest in the group. So the group emptied out quickly after that. Me and another DK stayed, refilled, and he ended up getting killed 4 times while trying to get to the bottom of the dungeon where we waited for him to kill the final boss.

On the monk, we were clearing the area near the first quest boss in Stratholme. The tank overpulled and died nearly instantly. So I'm just doing my best to try to keep healed and damagefree and such and I'm getting beat on my 7-8 mobs when I hear VWOOSH and see my health instantly refilled and a new ability pop up on my bar - Spinning Crane Kick - and proceed to go to town! Sadly I got beat down by the last two mobs. And then the tank proceeded to train us as we were getting back up to speed so that run fell apart.

For as much time as I spent on the alts, I actually did get a few things done this weekend that I wanted to do for my solo trials.

Onyxia 10, while still cake, was a wash on decent drops.
Same with Karazhan. Still can't get past Chess. I'll figure it out eventually.

Decided while doing my heroic mount runs to also drop into Tanaris.

Battle of Mount Hyjal:
Cake - took under an hour.
Best to go with empty bags as there's a lot of trash loot (I didn't. Woops.)
The first boss - Rage Winterchill - is the only one that gave me trouble. Mostly due to his Ice Blocking me, combined with his Death and Decay spell, which has a huge radius. I ended up just running outside it and plinking him with Judgement and Exorcism, and used Every Man for Himself the one time I D&D'ed me while Ice Blocked.
Ended up having to use Mobile Guild Bank to offload some droppables and DE mats.
The Horde base was annoying due to the fliers - they were out of reach of melee, except for the last frost wyrm, so again had to plink them with J+E.
Everything else was really tank and spank. Got a few pattern drops, some I needed, some I sold.
(ended up JUST barely into Honored with Scale of Sands with the one run, as human with the guild perk.)

Cake, once I started to avoid the Lightning Nova and also made sure to use my AE to kill all of the Tempest Warders.

No go - the Meteor Fist ability hits me for 45-60k and doesn't seem avoidable.

Two fail runs on the paladin, two fail runs on the mage. Going full bore (potions and cooldowns right off the bat, plus food buffs) I still can only get him to ~400k before the shadow void drake gets down to the center arena. I think I may need to wait for some upgrades. Paladin is pulling about 35k, mage about 40k (32k without Time Warp, woops).
Or try it on my 85 DK.

 Post subject: Re: 2012 Recap_47
PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:21 pm 
Insane Bard
Insane Bard
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The weekend was really good. Today was kindof crazy (hence the 9pm posting).

Friday night my buddy came over and we tried out a new game. It was a card game called Star Fluxx. It is pretty random and has stuff from all sci-fi based stuff.

The rest of the weekend was pretty normal baby/gaming stuff.

Bailey started yelping in pain when lying down on Saturday afternoon. She did it all night Saturday night. Sunday wasn't as bad but she is hurting. I took her to the vet Monday morning. We thought it was her yeast infection that had just gone nuts. The good news is that came back negative. It looks like she might have hurt her lower back a bit. The doc said for us to have her take it easy and no running around for a week. They also gave us 5 days worth of pain pills for her. She also has a small ear infection in one ear, but that isn't uncommon for beagles although the medicine for it is a small fortune. I brought her home and gave her a pain pill. When I got home she was going nuts and running all over the place and jumping from couch to couch. You know, all the things the vet said for her not to be doing. She seems to be doing much better with the pain medicine so hopefully it will clear up this week.

I also took baby on a grand tour of Home Depo and HEB on the way home tonight. We have a slew of things with the house I needed to check on and get. The shower door plastic piece that helps seal the water in the shower had been falling off (ie dry rotted after 6 years). Surprisingly it took ages for someone that knew WTF was going on to help find it. I also was looking for new doors. We had discussed maybe getting a split door (bottom and top can open/close independent of each other) for the guest bedroom. This is so we can work on moving Hannah into that room. Remember the crap with the baby gate and Bailey? This would solve that. The guy at Home Depo couldn't remember what the door was called but said they can do it but they probably run 350-ish and recommended a gate. I also wanted to look at a new door or screen door for the side porch. It would be nice to get something with a doggie door so Bailey can come and go. They actually have one for about $300 but it has a huge doggie door (ie for big dog) that Hannah would also be going through. Screen doors are a lot cheaper and we could put our own doggie door in it but it would still run $300ish with the doggie door. I also saw something that would be a great front door, but it was $400. One day I won't have to worry about money, but that day is a long way off. On the way out of the store I decided to look at lights. I would like a small reading light in the bedroom. I am looking for something I can click on/off without having to reach up for the lamp like I do now. I also want the light a bit above me so when I'm reading I am not starting into the light above my book/kindle. They had a lot of options but nothing I saw jumped out as great. I found a $9.99 light with a sticky back. It is designed to be an under the counter accent light but I was hoping would work fine as a reading light.

After that it was over to HEB. I had to get some shopping so I could make stuff for the company pot luck for thanksgiving on Wednesday (that I thought was next week but isn't). Hannah was getting cranky (it was already her bed time and we hadn't even gotten home for dinner yet). Of course this means I couldn't find what I needed and then while waiting in line I realized I missed something that was in the far back corner of the store from where I was in line.

So I get home finally and get kiddo eating. Bailey had pooped upstairs which she hasn't done in years (but it was rather late when I got home). After kiddo ate and I got her to bed I tackled the shower thing. It was proving to be a pain in the ass until I found two screws and got the whole bottom piece off. I cleaned it and got the new thing installed easily. That has to be the first "home improvement" style anything I've done without issues. The light is proving to be a no go. The light is rather focused (should be focused straight down) and isn't wide enough beam to work well. It also isn't bright enough. Back to the drawing board on that one. I also got what I hope is a good enough outer door seal since Bailey has clawed through parts of the existing stuff. That is going to be a weekend thing.

After all that it is onto making the frozen desert thing for Wednesday's potluck. So far so good, it just takes time. I couldn't find any Heath bars at the store so I'll have to try to find some tomorrow for the last bit of topping on it.



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