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 Post subject: 2012 Recap_40
PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:11 am 
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Friday - I didn't feel like dealing with the office bullshit so I worked from home. This was beneficial because not only did I get to run a whole buttload of dailies, I also got to run the Theramore scenario a few extra times. I did have to pick Dad up from Dialysis, but also had to go into the office for ten minutes so that I could swap the backup tapes.

Saturday - went to a wedding for m'Lady's old boss. It was rather nice. We got home around 8, were still "dressed up" and couldn't decide if we wanted to go out or not, so we ended up staying in. Good thing we did, cuz it started pouring 15 minutes later.

Sunday - vegged watched TNG and played WoW. Went over m'Lady's parents for a quick "happy to you" belated for me.

Wow-wise, I ran a bunch of heroics, did a bunch of dailies, got two characters to Hyjal exalted, one more to Guild exalted, ran my horde-side paladin a bit and did three dungeons, going from just-15 to just-19. Also got Arrana to exalted Cenarion Expedition. Still not-quite-yet at 100 mounts. Most of them are too expensive now or require a lot of farming. So I figure once the horde paladin hits 20, that'll be fixed somewhat.

I have done no prep whatsoever for MoP; I haven't even cleaned banks really (other than transmog deposits), well mostly due to the fact that any mail I'd had sitting around 18 months ago is now gone.

 Post subject: Re: 2012 Recap_40
PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:43 am 
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It was a pretty good weekend. I watched baby, helped Mandy a little with her Finance homework, played some FF8, watched Mandy play some FF6, and played some WoW.

In WoW I went on a bag hunt. I either soloed or duo'ed about 6 bags of size 20 or 22. I just have one rare drop for the last 22 slot bag I think I can get. It probably won't happen until after the expansion, if ever though. I played my pally a bit including tanking in the LFR runs. I sortof cheated my way into the run to begin with. I bought a dps trinket to push me over the 372 ilevel requirements to get in. I actually got an upgrade the first three bosses in the first LFR which gave me enough gear to stay in so I returned the trinket for my Justice Points refund.

I didn't do any prep for the expansion either. It isn't a big deal (didn't prep for last one either). It isn't like there won't be a gizzillion years to get through the expansion, it doesn't all have to be done in the first week or month.


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