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 Post subject: 2012 Recap_35
PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:21 am 
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So my weekend kind of sort of started on Wednesday.

I took a half day from work so that I could wrap m'Lady's birthday presents. Also got a leg up on the weekend shopping. And started dinner.
Dinner was mango-marinated chicken, and kale with onions and bacon.
And picked up our new kitten, Chloe.

Thursday, I took a half day from work so that I could start party food shopping with my mom. So we go 5-6 different places for various things that we needed and spent a total of 8 hours shopping/driving. Found out that I'm allergic to nectarines and I have to go get a full allergy test.

Friday - full day of work, didn't have to pick Dad up from dialysis (he went in too early, yay) and vegged.

Saturday - after m'Lady finally got out of the house on her way to work, I went over to my mom's to pick up foodstuff that I could now put in my kind of empty fridge. Also stopped at m'Lady's parents' for chairs and tables. Lastly, cleaned. A lot.

Sunday - went food shopping (m'Lady just wouldn't take no for an answer) but then after we got home and were sitting down, she got up to get a drink and saw all the food in the fridge and was all "WHAT IS GOING ON!?"
So her sister finally got her out of the house almost an hour late (was supposed to be 11:30, instead it was more like 12:20.)
I showered (and shredded my face in the process while shaving) then started cooking.
Mom, Dad, and Bro showed up 20 minutes later.
Get a text from m'Lady's sister: "Has anyone shown up? she wants to come home" - um, no
The first guests rolled up at 3:05
More showed up a few minutes later
then the last few right around 3:30
m'Lady kept texting me that she just wanted to come home and sleep.
Her sister kept asking me "can I now, how about now?"
Finally we said yes and she came home around 3:45 to have the shit scared into her.

The party closed up around 10, and we were cleaning til 11:30.

I'm still alive on this Monday morning, so it didn't turn out as painful as I'd expected. :)

 Post subject: Re: 2012 Recap_35
PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:40 am 
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It sounds like a good weekend overall then. I'm glad it all came together for you at the end.

It was a pretty quiet weekend for us although busy. Friday my buddy came over and we watched a pair of movies. Mandy had a friend over Saturday morning and they did crafts (made some sort of wreath thingys). That evening I went and did my Earthdawn game. There is an amusing combat story involving flying snow baboons for another time. Sunday Mandy used her birthday gift from last year and went to the massage/spa place I got her a giftcard for.

I finished up Diablo 3 on Hell Sunday afternoon while Hannah was napping. It isn't as rough as it had been since they've done a couple of patches. The entire act only got me about 60% of a paragon point. Rares dropped like candy in a 4 person group and not so much in a 2 person group. I did actually get an upgrade drop. Chrono Trigger continues to move along slowly but surely.

Now it is a new week. Mandy has class three nights a week this semester. Hannah also moves up to a new room today.


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