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 Post subject: 2012 Recap_15
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:28 am 
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Friday - food shopping after work, stopped at Gamestop for my Xenoblade Chronicles* preorder, went home, played it a little, then vegged. Had leftovers.

Saturday - was supposed to get a phone call from m'Lady's mom to help with something but didn't get the call until after 5pm, so in between I vegged, played some Xenoblade. Went food shopping again real quick (forgot a couple things) then would have started to make dinner except for the fact that m'Lady didn't get home until 11:20, so we had a quick bit of leftovers.

Sunday - m'Lady was sick with a low fever and the cough (or the pestilence, as I've started to call it) so I nursemaided her for the morning, then let her sleep around 9:30. Showered, got ready to visit my dad in rehab** and was leaving a little after one and she says "i enjoyed my 20 minute nap but I still feel terrible" and I said "honey, you've been sleeping for three hours" and she says "NUH UH".
So I visited Dad for an hour and a half or so, then went to my mom's, hung there, had dinner, and took a "care package" of Easter ham back to m'Lady.

**So my dad went into the hospital last Monday for severe confusion and basically a resurgence of his MRSA, right. They wanted to discharge him on Friday - my mom, who just had open wound knee replacement, says NO F'ING WAY, explained to four different doctors why she couldn't have him back at home (they wanted her to bandage his open surgery site 2 times a day, um hello dumbasses?) so he's in rehab for a month at least.

*Xenoblade Chronicles is Wii-only. I think you'd like it, Dale. I'm only 2-3 hours into the story (for 8 hours of playtime***) and it's pretty damn good.
Basically, two "Titans" appeared out of nowhere and started battling it out. One biologic-based, called Bionis, and one mechanical-based, called Mechonis. And over the course of eternity ended up killing each other. Then somehow life appeared on these titans (which almost act like a planet), Bionis supporting biological life, and Mechonis supporting live machines called Mechons. And the Mechons keep trying to kill the "Homs" , or human life on Bionis. Unfortunately normal weapons don't harm Mechons, so a unique sword called The Monado came into being. However this sword can only be used by one or two people, and that even eventually severely damages them.
The game starts a year after a major war decimates both sides.

***8 hours, because not only are there collectable items, a la EQ2, but there are also dozens of quests in an area, not counting the story quest, and trying to fulfill them all is simply a matter of patience, because not all NPCs are present all the time; the game has an internal day/night cycle which, thankfully, you can easily fast forward or rewind as needed.

 Post subject: Re: 2012 Recap_15
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:15 am 
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Friday - studied

Saturday - studied, out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, grocery shopping

Sunday - church, studied, Charla made chicken and dumplings for Easter dinner...

Game wise: Played SWToR during study breaks... getting pretty well geared, we don't have enough players to run ops (raids) but we do pretty well on the hard mode flashpoints. Got my smuggler up to level 26, my bounty hunter up to 15, my jedi up to 26, my sage up to 18... wish they would open up server transfers, I might actually pay to have my inquisitor moved from the other server to this one...

Kids got Easter baskets, we didn't hide eggs this year. This is also the first year ever that we've been alone... heh. We've always gone somewhere and visited someone.


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